Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.
Ring the bell or knock with handle of your Athame two times.
Now perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram.

Ring your bell 10 times, in three separate intervals.
The first being 3 times, the second 3 times, the third 4 times.
Then in a loud voice and commanding tone say the enochian words:


This is a traditional way of announcing that the ritual is about to begin, and those spiritual entities not entitled to witness it should leave the area.

Knock with the handle of your Athame once on the Altar.

You are now prepared to do the Opening by Watchtower Ritual.

When Opening the Watchtower always walk clockwise, starting at the South of the Altar. Take your Fire Wand and wave it 3 times, once each to the left, right and then center while facing the South and the Enochian elemental sigil you have hanging on the wall. Now hold the one with the point up over your head and slowly walk once around the room in a clockwise direction saying:

Time your speech so that when you finish talking, your back at the South facing in that direction.

Trace a large golden circle clockwise in the air. In this circle form a bright blue INVOKING pentagram of fire as described in earlier lessons. Form the zodiac sign of Leo in the center. Point to the center with the wand and vibrate in Enochian:

“And when all the phantoms have vanished, thou shalt see that holy and formless fire which darts and flashes through the hidden depth of the Universe. Hear thou, the voice of fire”



Oh-ee-pay Tee-ah-ah Peh-doh-kah

These are the three Holy Names for fire in the angelic Enochian language.

Now hold the Fire Wand up and say:

“In the Names and Letters of the Great Southern Quadrangle, I invoke ye, ye Angels of the Watchtowers of the South.”

Now, spend a few moments visualizing and feeling the pure elemental fire filled energy from that side of the circle. Replace the Fire Wand of the Altar.

Move to your Altar and take up the Water Cup from the altar. Face west and sprinkle some of the water with your fingers to the left, right, and the middle of the Enochian elemental water symbol that is there. Hold up the Water Cup high and circumnavigate the circle once in a clockwise direction saying:

“So, therefore the Priest who governeth the works of fire must sprinkle with the lustrial waters of the loud resounding sea.”

Time this speech so that when you finish, you’re at the West facing that direction, use your Water Cup to trace a large golden circle in the air and inside of it draw an electric blue INVOKING water pentagram. In the center of this draw the Eagle head. Point to the center, vibrating:



Ehm-pay-hay Ahr-sell Gah-ee-ohl

Then hold the Water Cup high in the air and say:

“In the Names and Letters is a Great Western quadrangle,

I invoke ye, Ye Angels of Watchtowers of the West.”

Spend a few moments visualizing and feeling the pure elemental watery energy from this side of your circle. Replace the Water Cup on your Altar.

Walk clockwise to the east the Altar, take up the Air Dagger and turn out with to where your elemental Enochian tablet is placed. Shake the Air Dagger three times, once to the left, right, and center of the elemental Enochian sign. Hold the Air Dagger on high and walk around the circle once, saying:



Oh-row Ee-bah-ha Ah-oh-zohd-pee

Hold the Air Dagger up high with point up and say:

“In the Names and Letters of the great eastern quadrangle, I invoke ye, Ye the Angels of the Watchtower of the East.”

Spend a few moments appreciating the power of pure elemental Air coming from this direction.

Return the Air Dagger to the Altar.

Walk clockwise to the North of the Altar , take the Earth Pentacle and facing North, shake the Pentacle three times, left once, right, and straight toward the Enochian earth symbol hanging on the wall outside the magickal circle, remember to hold the Earth Pentacle by the back section. Now hold the pentacle on high and say as you circumnavigate once:

“Stoop not down into that darkly splendid world wherein continually lie the fathomless depth of Hades, wrapped in gloom, dashing and unintelligible images, precipitous, winding a black ever-rolling abyss; being formless and void."

On returning to the North, use the Earth Pentacle to make a golden circle as before, forming inside of it a bright blue INVOKING pentagram of earth. Inside of that place the image of the astrological sign of Taurus. Point to the center with the Earth Pentacle and say:



Ee-Mohr Dee-ahl Hec-tey-gah

Again, hold the Earth Pentacle on high and say:

“In the Names and Letters of the Great Northern quadrangle, I invoke ye, Ye Angels of the Watchtowers of the North.”

Now spend a few minutes sensing the great earthly power. Replace the Earth Pentacle, moving in a clockwise direction to the west and face the east from behind the Altar.





Over the Altar and the Enochian Tablet of Union, make the sign known as the Rendering of the Veil. This is done by making the Sign of the Enterer (left foot forward, hands thrust out) but do it with the palm's together. Rotate your hand so that the thumbs are down, and the back of the hands are touching, then separate your hands, as if you are parting some curtains or Rendering the Veil.



Oh-ell Soh-noof Vay-oh-air-sah-jee Goh-ho Ee-ah-dah Bahl-ah.

El-ex-ar-pay-hay Co-mah-nah-noo Tah-bee-toh-ehm.

Zohd-ah-kah-rah Eh-kah-zohd-ah-kah-ray Oh-dah Zohd-ah-mer-ah-noo.

Oh-do Kee-klay Kah-ah Pee-ah-pay Pee-ah-moh-el Oh-dah Vay-ah-noo.

Now say:

“I invoke ye, the Angels of the celestial spheres, whose dwelling place is in the invisible. Ye are the guardians of the Gates of the Universe. Be guardians of this sacred sphere. Keep far removed the evil and the unbalanced. Strengthen and inspire me so that I may preserve unsullied this abode of the mysteries of the eternal gods. Let my space be pure and holy. So that may enter in and become a partaker the secrets of Light Divine”.

The English translation of the Enochian is:

Now spend a few moments trying to sense the balance of the four magical elements here at the center of your circle.

Move to the Northeast corner, facing out with a commanding tone and say:

“The visible sun is a dispenser of Light to the Earth. Let me therefore form a vortex in this chamber, that the invisible Sun of the Spirit may shine therein from above. “

Now circumnavigate three times around your circle. Each time you pass the East, make the Sign of the Enterer in the direction you are going. That is, as you reach the East while walking and give the sign, you do it in a straight line ahead of you. As you move around, visualize, and feel the building up of a powerful vortex of energy. After you make the third pass of the East, go to the West of the altar, face East.

Give the Sign of the Enterer and say:

“Holy Art Thou, Lord of the Universe”

Give the Sign of the Enterer again and say:

“Holy Art Thou, Whom Nature Hath not Formed”

Give the Sign of the Enterer a third time and say:

“Holy Art Thou, the vast and Mighty One. Lord of the Light and of the Darkness”

Now give the Sign of Silence

(stamp your left foot as you bring your left forefinger to your lips as if telling someone to hush)

When you have finished your Magickal work say:

* Now do your personal Magickal Petition, with any Sigils you previously prepared

“Onto thee, sole Wise one, sole Eternal one, sole Merciful one, be the Praise and Glory forever. Who has permitted me who now standeth humbly before thee, to enter this far into the sanctuary of the mysteries. Not onto me, but onto thee be thy Praise and Glory, let the influence of thy Divine Ones descend upon my head, and teach me the value of self-sacrifice so that I shrink not in the hour of trial, but that my name may be written on High and my genius stand in the presence of the Holy Ones“

The Closing of the Watchtower

Now circumnavigate three times, counterclockwise.

Giving the Sign of the Enterer, each time you pass East.

As you do this, feel the energy you’ve gathered dissipate.

Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual the Pentagram.

Then perform the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram.

Now say:

“I now release any spirits that may have been imprisoned by this ceremony. Depart in peace to your abodes and habitations, going with the Blessings of –"



Ring the bell or knock 10 times saying with finality in a commanding tone:

“I now declare this temple duly closed”

Knock with the handle of your Athame on the Altar once.

The ritual is now over

“I reign over you, says the God of Justice (the three Magickal Names that rule over the Tablet of Union). Move and therefore appear. Open the mysteries of creation: Balance, Righteousness and Truth"

Shem Ha ∴ The Explicit Name