Stand erect with the top of your head even with your spine. Breathe deeply from your stomach instead of from the top of your lungs. This is done by breathing in your nose and expanding your abdomen pulling air into the bottom of your lungs then exhaling but pulling in your stomach pushing out the air. Now breathe deeply three times. Each time you breathe, you imagine a white light entering the top of your head going down your spine threw you into the center of the Earth. This is called Grounding.

Now that you've grounded imagine that white light coming up from the bottom of the earth into your spine to the top of your head as you breathe in again. Now you do this three times until you feel energy amassing at the top of your head which is the crown chakra.

At this point, begin visualizing the solar system and as you exhale imagine your spiritual astral body becoming larger and larger; circling the entire solar system as you breathe out. Now, as you inhale, imagine that your body has encompassed the solar system and the whole solar system is residing in your chest area. Imagine your astral self expanding to encompass the entire milky way galaxy.

Feel the circular form and movement of the galaxies moving within your chest area. Now as the galaxy is circling within your chest inhale again, and as you exhale visualize the entire universe, being encased within your astral body.

Imagine that spherical white light circling above your head directly over your crown chakra. Imagine that light filling up every space outside of your spiritual astral body.

Now lift up your dominant hand then extend your index finger or index and middle fingers to the top above your head to that light. Now imagine bringing that light down to your third eye and then intone, vibrating the word:


Feel the energy pulsating in your inner eye beholding your fingers at that point. Now take a deep breath bring the line down do your groin chakra and then intone, vibrating the word:


Imagine and feel the line of energy filling that point . Now bring your finger up to your right shoulder imagining appoint of white light beginning and extending out with your right off into infinity. Then intone the word:


Feel a line extending to the western horizon, toward's infinity, and bring your finger up to your left shoulder and intone the word:


Feel the energy gathering at that point and vibrating on each and every point on your body.

Now bring your finger to the center of your chest, to that of your heart chakra, and intone the word:


This translates from Hebrew to English as "You Are The Kingdom, and The Power, and The Glory of The World, So May It Be Forever".

Stand there, and feel the energy flowing through your body as a Cross meeting at that center point.

Shem Ha ∴ The Explicit Name