The reason why the pentagram is drawn in each of the four corners is because it has five interior angles, in numerology the number five symbolizes change and we are directing our minds to visualize another dimension with a change of our consciousness. In fact our system of numbers were originally defined based on the number of their interior angles.

Before Me Raphael


Walk from behind your altar in a clockwise manner walking to the eastern point of where you wish to start your circle. Take your dominant hand and from your left hip draw an imaginary blue line from your left hip to the top of your head. Then from the top of your head take your dominant hand and go to your right hip. From your right hip, go up and across to your left shoulder, then from your left shoulder go to your right shoulder, and down to your left hip. Forming a BLUE five-pointed star or pentagram for protection.

Gather up your energy projecting it from your heart chakra across to your dominant hand and into your finger, then thrust that finger forward and intone:


From there take your finger and from this blue pentagram, leave your hand outstretched and start moving in a clockwise manner toward the southern direction. As you walk, visualize a silver line of light going all the way to the southern direction. Once you reach the southern point of your circle repeat the same process of making the pentagram and then intone:


Continuing in the same clockwise manner, creating a silver line to the western point of your sacred circle, repeat the creation of a blue pentagram and intone:


Continuing on in a clockwise manner creating a silver line as you go go to the northern point, create another blue pentagram, and in tone


Finish your circle by going all the way back to the east connecting the silver line to the other side of the eastern pentagram then in a clockwise manner return in front of your altar.

Summoning the archangel of the East. Imagine Raphael appearing before you wearing a yellow robe with a purple sash.

Behind Me Gabriel

Visualizing the archangel of the West wearing a blue robe with an orange sash.

To My Right Hand Michael

Visualizing the archangel of the South encased in a red robe with a green sash.

To My Left Hand Uriel

Visualizing the archangel of the North in brown robes with a black sash.

Now move your left leg shoulder-length lifting your arms even with your shoulders palms of your hands facing outwards, and say:

For About Me Flames the Pentagram

Imagining a line of electric blue starting from the base of your left foot, to the top of your head, down to your right foot, moving from your right foot to your left hand, across your body to your right hand, and back down to your left foot.

Imagine a six-pointed Star of David, or hexagram, forming inside your chest, say:

And Within Me Shines the Six-Rayed Star

At this point you are being surrounded by 4 protective pentagrams all attached by a silver line and you should imagine a circular ball of energy around you, and visualize a GOLDEN hexagram with the six-rayed star emanating from the center of your body.

You have now finished the banishing ritual of the pentagram and all negative energies should be dispelled from the area of your circle, at this point you have banished unwanted energy from your space and have protected yourself with a sphere of protective white light surrounding you. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is done for protection and should be the first step before any real ritual work is done.

Doing this ritual in the morning and evening should also cleanse your aura, and build psychic energy. Ideally the rituals movements and words should be practiced and memorized, but when learning you may refer to these instructions on your phone to make sure nothing was missed. This is the basic and first ritual that should start all rituals done by most forms of Western High Magick.

Grounding yourself can be achieved by eating any food and drinks afterwards. This helps facilitate bringing our mind and spirit back to Earth, and our four dimensions of time and space.

Proper Grounding and Banishing before and after any High Magick Ritual, is done for spiritual safety and is of a very high importance to understand and practice. ALWAYS remember to properly Banish your sacred space of any unwanted entities in the beginning AND at the end. Remember to thank the angels at the end of your ritual and close the ceremony by going counterclockwise, repeating the same steps in reverse when banishing entities back from whence they came.

The ritual above is the conventional LBRP with clockwise, five pointed stars from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. 

I personally like to evoke the Archangels in a three dimensional sphere around me, following the order of the Sephirot.

1) EL ELYON / Metatron of Keter which is directly above me. 

2) YEHOVA ELOHIM / Tzaphkiel to the North of your circle, of Binah.

3) ADONAI / Michael to the South, which is of Tiferet.

4) YOD HEY VAV HEY / Raphael to the East of the Circle, which is of Hod.

5) EHEIEH / Gabriel to the West of the Circle, which is Yesod.

6) ADONAI HA ARETZ / Sandalphon, directly below you, which is Malkuth.

Then I say my prayer so that the angels can transmit the message to GOD.

When its time to close, I go in reverse order, using counterclockwise pentagrams, and bless all the Archangels with YeHoShaVah. Sending them all back to the place from whence they came.

The capital letters of the divine names are always vibrated from deep within your core.


Shem Ha ∴ The Explicit Name