Stand in front of the altar with your arms out to the sides so that your body forms a Cross you should be facing east and if you have a ritual wand or ritual dagger, you should use it in this ritual. It should be held in your dominant hand with the point up. Say meaningfully and with vibration:

I. N.R. I.

Please note that this must be said with force and power because you are projecting your energy to manifest and actualize your visualizations.

It is the sign that you make when you put both arms out to your sides, horizontally, in the sign of the cross. I.N.R.I. can also be found in most artistic depictions as the Latin sign posted on the cross of Jesus the Nazarene when crucified, stating his crime in Latin "Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum" meaning "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews".

However these are really the Hebrew letters YUD, NUN, RESH, YUD. Yud represents Virgo, Isis, and virgin nature. Nun represents Scorpio, Apophis, and chaotic destructive energy. Resh represents Sol, Osiris, the source of light energy and the giver of life to everything on the Earth.

This I.N.R.I. represents the four elements in the four directions as well, and is referred to as the sign of "Osiris Slain and Risen". In Egyptian times the Sphinx, which was originally the jackal faced Anubis, faces the Sun on the horizon (Horus zone) that conjoins the sun with the virgin birth, the midpoint between the constellation Virgo into Leo. As the sun appears retrograde, which means backwards through the zodiac, as the solar precession is viewed from Earth’s perspective. This is also the reason why the Opening of the Watchtower starts in Leo as it was the beginning of souls that entered into human beings.

It is a never-ending cycle that signifies virgin nature, chaotic death, the light of life, back to virgin nature. Yud Nun Resh Yud. Osiris, Krishna, Dionysis, Jesus, and others were all Gods that died and then became resurrected; however we will use the original Egyptian names for God (Osiris) and Goddess (Isis).

Although it is the sound of I-A-O vibrating that is the key here, names like Isis, Apophis, and Osiris are words that conceal the importance of the vibration of their abbreviation. Iota, Alpha, Omega. I-A-O.

As you say the letters in Hebrew, draw them from right to left, in front of you. Use the tip of your wand, dagger, or dominant finger. They are formed from top to bottom. Visualize them with a bright blue flame.

Form the letter L by raising your right hand, wand, or athame straight up from the shoulder. This is similar to the position of the right arm of the magician card in the Tarot deck except that your arm should be straight up. Look at your left hand out to the horizon with your head slightly bowed. Now say meaningfully:

L, the Sign of the Mourning Isis

Raise your arms to a position over your head So that they form an angle of about 60°. This makes the letter V. The palms should be facing one another. Tilt your head back and look up. Say meaningfully:

V, the Sign of Typhon and Apophis

Cross your arms on your chest right over left. Your fingertips should be just touching your shoulders. This forms the letter X. Bow your head and say meaningfully:

X, the Sign of Osiris Slain and Risen

Form each of the LVX signs, saying the name of each letter as you do so. The word which is pronounced is LOUKS or LUX. LVX is another way to say LIGHT.

L ... V ... X ... LVX

At the word Light, spread your arms out to the horizons. Then re-cross your arms as before and bow your head while saying meaningfully:

the Light... of the Cross

Return to the first position, arms out to the sides. Then raise your arms toward the V position, slowly raising your head as you say meaningfully:

Virgo, Isis; Mighty Mother.

Scorpio, Apophis; Destroyer.

Sol, Osiris; Slain and Risen.

Then vibrate the first initials of Isis, Apophis, and Osiris; which is I-A-O, and pronounced:


Take a few seconds to see the light of L. V. X., then through visualization, draw it down over your head and to your feet. When you feel this, say meaningfully:

Let Divine Light Descend!

Shem Ha ∴ The Explicit Name