We are about to enter the Age of Aquarius, a time of enlightenment, freedom, and the sharing of information.

Every 2,166 years we enter into a new age. We are currently in between Pisces and Aquarius.

The Age of Pisces is symbolized in the Bible with Jesus feeding a multitude with only two fish. The symbol of Christianity.

The Age of Aries is symbolized in the Bible with Abraham about to sacrifice his son until a Ram appears. This was the time of Judaism.

The Age of Taurus is symbolized in the Bible when Moses was walking down from Mount Sinai and destroyed the golden calf. The calf represented paganism, specifically the idol of Mithra wrangling a bull, which was pre-Zoroastrian of Persia.

Then the age of Cancer. This was a time of tribal shamanism.

The age of Leo was 10,833 years before now, 2,166 years x 5 ages. The Sphinx in Egypt was built between 7,000 and 8,000 BC. 

The age of Virgo was about 13,000 to 15,000 years ago. The last Ice Age was ending, homo sapiens already existed but this refers to the "virgin birth" representing the time period where the first souls started to incarnate into human beings, sent here from other areas of our Universe like Orion's belt.

Debbie Solaris has more information on galactic history, but the intention here is to reveal that there are layers of understanding when reading the Bible.

The Bible Code has already proven that information was encoded in a permutation that needed the invention of the computer to understand completely. Such as the section indicated with intentional spaces if you ever look at the original Torah written in Hebrew. This is the part where people are singing a song after Moses parts the Red Sea. Seventy Two angel names from the Andromeda Galaxy can be found here.

The Bible was written by different authors like King David who authored the Psalms, and King Solomon who authored Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. Scriptures written by Kings, for other Kings to read, or about Kings like in the historical Chronicles.

The word Bible comes from the Greek word "biblion" meaning book or library.

The word Jesus comes from the Greek word for savior, but the truth is Yeshua would be translated into English as "Joshua". Yeshua is the Aramaic name that Jesus was named by his mother Miriam or Mary, who was a Galilean Essene and worked to create the veil for the "Holy of Holies" or the inner chamber to King Herod the Great's Temple at Jerusalem.

The veil was a curtain made of fine linen colored with blue, purple, and red yarn with cherubim embroidered throughout. It was 60 feet in height, 30 feet in width, and 4 inches thick.

Sometimes the truth is not always what people would like to hear but nevertheless important to share.

Yeshua was the greatest and most famous magickian who has ever lived and despite what many people currently think he did have a biological father. That man was "King Herod the Great" who lived from 72BC to 4BC. 

Before Miriam and Yosef could consummate their marriage the King in the region of Galilee, the northern kingdom of Israel had the perceived divine authority to be with the virgin Mary before Joseph was. Mary saw this as God's will and submitted to King Herod willingly. It is known that "King Herod the Great" had many different wives. He was also known as "King Herod the Builder" because he built the second temple in Jerusalem, a marina in Caesarea, a plateau fortress on Masada, and another palace carved out of a mountain top called Herodium.

Archeologists still haven't found any physical evidence of King Solomon's First Temple, which was built by the djinn.

When Herod the Great found out that Miriam became pregnant before ever being with her husband Yosef he ordered his soldiers to find the infant and to kill him, as the child would be heir to the throne. King Herod was aware that in places like Carthage, in present day Tunisia, they were still practicing child sacrifice on pillars of stone.

The magi from the East heard of this news and decided they would try to find the child before King Herod the Great's soldiers.

The three magi were of the Persian and Babylonian Mithraic religion and used dowsing methods with a pendulum, along with following their intuition, and interviewing people to track down where Miriam and Yosef had gone. In fact, they were experts in tracking down anything using the methods described above.

When the magi finally found the healthy child already born, they gave the three items of gold, frankincense, and myrhh to the mother, Miriam, so that she could feed them to the child and prepare the child's light body for his future ascension.

The magi decided that they should perform a ritual in Bethlehem and prayed asking for divine guidance. Yosef reported to them the next morning that the Archangel Gabriel came to him in a dream and showed him Egypt.

The magi agreed that they should leave the area and take the child to Alexandria, Egypt where the greatest library in the world at the time existed, books from India, Persia, Greece, Egypt and all over the known world would be there.

The library was attended by over 100 teachers that taught freely, there was also a zoo containing exotic animals from all over the world, and was a culturally diverse city. The magi would escort and protect the family on the journey there.

Yeshua lived and learned magick for over 18 years in Alexandria, most of his life, returning north to Israel after hearing that his biological father King Herod the Great had died and that his half-brother Herod Antipas was the new King.

In the scriptures it is written that Yeshua walked 40 days in the desert where he was tempted by Satan. Forty days is the amount of time it takes to evoke the Berhatiah conjuration, which is the same magick that King Solomon used to build the first temple for the Ark of the Covenant.

The desert Yeshua walked across was the Empty Quarter of Saudia Arabia which is about a thousand kilometers long, and would take about forty days to walk east towards the Liwass Oasis.

After this forty day trial, Yeshua conjured a Marid (similar to a leprechaun or dragon), which is a beneficial type of djinn that grants wishes, a "Genie".

Ifreet (pixies and elves) are also mostly beneficial to humans, who are sometimes described as time traveling and shape-shifting who can temporarily manifest as various wild animals. The Ifreet are mostly concerned with preserving nature on Earth.

Jann (gnomes) can be found in abandoned, desolate places on a mountain top or in caves, they are djinn Kings. Jann mostly remain neutral in any conflicts between the two groups of beneficial djinn versus the two groups of maleficent djinn.

The djinn that are known to be malevolent are the Shaitans (demons) and the Ghouls (vampires), which feed on blood and can be found by most cemetaries at night. The Shaitan's feed off negative energy and emotional trauma. By controlling one's emotions, you can starve the Shaitan from feeding off the negative human emotions of sadness, anger, and hatred. 

All djinn are "smokeless fire" originating from stellar light, or even from the magma of Earth's core, entities that prefer to remain unseen. They have free will like humans, but can live for hundreds of years.

Recently, in some video's and photography, orbs may be seen of various color light. These orbs are angelic, the color reveals their frequency. Red is of a lower frequency (bad), Blue of a higher frequency (good).

Sometimes you may even be able to see these spherical orbs in your peripheral vision. The orb is more accurately a spinning merkaba, or a "wheel within a wheel" as Ezekiel describes.

A merkaba is two spinning pyramid shapes, ultimately spinning into a sphere or an orb. When you are in the presence of angels, most people will report a ringing in their ears or tinnitus.

In quantum physics, the djinn would be known as "dark energy", the term dark is used to describe the unknown and unseen, not to describe something that's harmful.

Dark Energy is roughly 68% of the universe and Dark Matter another 27%, which adds up to 95% of the scientifically known universe that we can observe.

This is how the djinn are able to time travel and shape shift. They form a communication matrix that stretches throughout time and space. Other European cultures may even use the terms "fae", "fairfolk", or "fairies", to describe djinn.

Yeshua performed miracles after he passed this test, eating only a few dates or raisins and as much water that he could carry. He reached a hypnogogic state, a state of mind in between being awake and being asleep.

When Yeshua was later crucified for being "King of the Jews" it was because he had told the secret of his lineage to Yehuda. He was also accused of sorcery after resurrecting Lazarus by the power of the "Prince of Demons".

Yeshua responded that a house divided against itself can not stand, and to judge a tree by its fruit. Yeshua had performed exorcisms by the authority of God's name, the One who made Adam from earth and water, and the Djinn, prior to Adam, by fire and air. The Shaitan disobeyed God's order to be subservient to human's out of pride and envy.

The Shaitan argued that they would prove to God that human's were not worthy of God's grace, and would tempt human's to sin by whispering to them.

The Shaitan existed on Earth before humans, live longer than humans, were more powerful than humans, and this led to the spiritual test of all human's on Earth, which was ultimately allowed by God. Earth would be a spiritual university where all souls would be tested.

Yehuda Iscariot (whose name means praise) eventually told the wrong people near Jerusalem that Yeshua was of a royal bloodline after a crowd of people witnessed the resurrection of Lazarus. This was his betrayal, pride and boasting, that eventually lead to Yehuda's suicide later on.

The Shaitan tricked Yehuda by whispering to him, causing an unintentional betrayal, as Yehuda was so trusted by Yeshua, he was the one chosen to hold all the money for the group of thirteen.

When a person commits suicide during a period of severe mental anguish it represents a true tragedy, as when a soul crosses over to the next dimension your life's memories go with you. That soul can be reliving that same mental anguish for a long period of time until the soul can be reincarnated, which is the real danger of suicide.

Yeshua could foresee his future crucifiction and Yehuda's future suicide when he was crying in the Garden of Gethsemane. He was more upset about what would happen to the soul of his most trusted apostle then weeping for himself.

When Yeshua was sent to be judged by his half-brother Herod Antipas, Yeshua was really pardoned. All witnesses at the trial testified that Yeshua had no political ambitions, fraticide and regicide was not necessary.

However Pontius Pilate was a paranoid maniac who felt threatened by Yeshua's royal bloodline. Pontius Pilate crucified thousands of people in the southern kingdom of Judea for minor crimes and would not pardon Yeshua, in fact he challenged Yeshua to perform another miracle and to come off the cross with magick.

Pontius Pilate wanted to show his subjects that he was more powerful then Yeshua was. Pontius Pilate ordered his soldiers to make a mockery of this "King of the Jews".

The flogging and the crown of thorns it was all Pontius Pilates plan to humilate Yeshua. Ultimately, Pontius Pilate would commit suicide himself after the crucifiction once he realized what he had truly done.

It is also true that while Yeshua was on the cross an earthquake started to happen in the immediate area.

This is why after 3 hours on the cross a Roman soldier decided to use a spear to pierce through the side of Yeshua and into his heart, out of fear, not mercy. He thought Yeshua was really the Prince of Demons.

Just as Abram's name was changed to Abraham, after the crucifiction and resurrection of Yeshua his name changed to YeHoShuVaH. Adding the letter Shin between the Yod Hey Vav Hey.

In the Zohar, it is written that by taking the consonants of YHVH and combining them with the vowels of Elohim, you will receive the true name of God. However it is important to note that would be YeHoViH, and the resurrected name of Jesus is slightly different.

Everyone living today has Soul Contracts, Karmic Relationships, and even Ancestral Tikkun.

Our life on Earth is a type of spiritual university where we must be tested, and if we don't pass the tests then we will face the same challenges repeatedly.

Holding onto feelings of victimhood, blame, or anger will only hurt yourself, therefore its best to let it go. It's in your own self interest for growth. These things must be achieved before your Earthly death.

Some people may currently know the resurrected Jesus as John of Patmos who was exiled to the Greek island of Patmos where he wrote the book of Revelations.

In Revelations, the face of the Lion, Bull, Man, and Eagle are a reference to the precession of the equinox. In the clockwise order from the "virgin birth" of human souls on Earth as Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio. The ceremonial magicians perception is expanded to a much larger reference of time.

The magick of Jesus that remains today was found buried in a tomb closer to Ethiopia, and later purchased at an Egyptian market by Scottish explorer James Bruce around 1769.

The fragmented and impartial "Bruce Codex", which contains magickal ritual instructions in Coptic, is recreated in the Youtube video above. David Griffin and Leslie McQuade are the spiritual leaders of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and their own 508-c which is Alpha Omega Free Church.

This untitled manuscript of IEOU has the secret Divine Names and ritual instructions that Yeshua taught to his inner circle. The Bruce Codex is a Coptic translation, dictated to Arye (Andrew) by Yeshua, as Arye knew how to write in Coptic.

The Divine Names when verbally vibrated act like a key of soundwaves opening a door to higher dimensions and need to remain exact.

David and Leslie, in the video above have restored this powerful and ancient magick by trial and error, practicing the ritual every morning at sunrise in the desert of Nevada, until finally finding the vowels that resonated and worked.

We can now be personally empowered by the authentic rituals of Yeshua, ascending our prayers and souls to their fullest divine potential.

Shem Ha ∴ The Explicit Name