Exodus Chapter 14 :. Verses 19-21

Shem Ha M’phoreshThe Explicit Name  The 72 angelic names are obtained from Exodus Chapter 14, verses 19, 20, and 21. Each verse contains 72 hebrew letters. If each verse is given its own row, one above the other, it will form 72 columns, with three letters in each column. Using Gematria, Verse 19 is written from right to left, Verse 20 from left to right, and Verse 21 from right to left.This is called the Shem Ha M’phoresh, abbreviated “Shem Ha”, or the 72 angel names. You will see deliberate empty spacing in the Torah scrolls, indicating that there is something special encoded.   Angel names ending in -iah is Mercy and Feminine.Angel names ending in -el is Judgement and Masculine. Exodus 14:19″And the Angel of Elohim which went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them; and the Pillar of Cloud removed from before them and stood behind them.” Exodus 14:20″And it came between the camp of Egypt and the camp of Israel; and there was the cloud and the darkness, yet it gave light by night, and the one came not near the other all night.” Exodus 14:21″And Moses stretched his hand over the sea; and Tetragrammaton caused the sea to go back by a strong East wind all the night, and made the sea dry land and the waters were divided.”   01- VEHUIAH -Time Travel02- JELIEL -Recapturing the Sparks03- SITAEL -Miracle Making04- ELEMIAH -Eliminating Negative Thoughts05- MAHASIAH -Healing06- LELAHEL -Dream State07- ACHAIAH -DNA of the Soul08- CAHETEL -Diffusing Negative Energy09- HAZIEL -Angelic Influences10- ALADIAH -Looks Can Kill11- LAUVIAH -Banishing Evil12- HAHAIAH -Unconditional Love13- IEZAZEL -Heaven On Earth14- MEBAHEL -Farewell to Arms15- HARIEL -Long Range Vision16- HAKAMIAH -Dumping Depression17- LAUVIAH -Great Escape18- CALIEL -Fertility19- LEUVIAH -Dialing God20- PAHALIAH -Victory Over Addictions21- NELCHAEL -Eradicate Plague22- YEIAYEL -Stop Fatal Attraction23- MELAHEL -Sharing The Flame24- HAHUIAH -Jealousy25- NITHAIAH -Speak Your Mind26- HAAIAH -Order From Chaos27- IERATHEL -Silent Partner 28- SEEHIAH -Soul Mate29- REYIEL -Removing Hatred30- OMAEL -Building Bridges31- LECABEL -Finish What You Start32- VASARIAH -Memories33- YEHUIAH -Revealing the Darkside34- LEHAHIAH – Forget Thyself35- CHAVAKIAH -Sexual Energy36- MENADEL -Fearless37- ANIEL -The Big Picture38- HAAMIAH -Circuitry39- REHAEL -Diamond in the Rough40- YEYAZEL -Speak The Right Words41- HAHAEL -Self Esteem42- MIKAEL -Revealing the Concealed43- VEVALIAH -Defying Gravity44- YELAHIAH -Sweetening Judgement45- SEALIAH -Prosperity46- ARIEL -Absolute Certainty47- ASALIAH -Global Transformation48- MIHAEL -Unity49- VEHUEL -Happiness50- DANIEL -Enough is Never Enough51- HAHASIAH -No Guilt52- IMAMIAH -Passion53- NANAEL -No Agenda54- NITHAEL -The Death of Death55- MABAHIAH -Thought into Action56- POIEL -Dispelled Anger57- NEMAMIAH -Listening to Your Soul58- YEIALEL -Letting Go59- HARAHEL -Umbilical Cord60- MITZRAEL -Freedom61- UMABEL -Water62- IAHHEL -Parent & Teacher, Not Preacher63- ANAUEL -Appreciation64- MEHRIEL -Favorable Light65- DAMABIAH -Fear of God66- MANAKEL -Accountability67- EIAEL -Great Expectations68- HABUHIAH -Contacting Departed Souls69- ROCHEL -Lost and Found70- JABAMIAH -Recognizing Design71- HAIAIEL -Prophecy72- MUMIAH -Spiritual Cleansing

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