Paralda Sigil

Paralda SigilORIGIN King of elemental AirPURPOSE Can teach you how to practice telepathy, which is the transmission of an idea from one person to another mentally. Can also show you how to create an elixir that will help you learn new ideas and concepts faster.APPEARANCE A king that wears golden metal armor like a knight and is surrounded clouds. His helmet and boots have wings.

Chassan Sigil

Chassan SigilORIGIN An angelic ruler of elemental AirPURPOSE Can help to change air pressure in any direction, creating wind. This is how Chris Angel does levitation.APPEARANCE A feminine face and a masculine body wearing a long brown skirt. Androgynous entity, a combination of both male and female characteristics.

Ariel Sigil

Ariel SigilORIGIN Angelic ruler of elemental AirPURPOSETeaches divination from several spirtual practices and natural sciencesAPPEARANCE A thin feminine looking man with golden wings, a golden belt, and a grey robe. A bright aura is surrounding the head.

Shem Ha ∴ The Explicit Name